From humble beginnings to
world-class innovators.


It started with
a vision.

Dennis Kubica wanted to disrupt the engineering industry when he stepped out on his own from the corporate solutions world. The path, now filled with success that has Kubica working with Fortune 500 companies, wasn’t always easy. The first contract Dennis landed forced the experienced electrical engineer to teach himself how to write and install software that would avert a potential production shutdown related to the Y2K millennium change. Dennis’ message to the client was if he couldn’t deliver, the major auto manufacturer didn’t have to pay him. Dennis delivered, earning the money and the trust that he, and eventually those that work for him, will innovate and find solutions to any problem.

That first deal charted the course of the Kubica vision – exceed client expectations and demand excellence, but build a culture that values people and client success above profits. So far, so good. From humble beginnings in a machine shop where he swept floors to pay for his high school tuition and advanced to lead the shipping and receiving department while in college, Dennis learned to place trust and empower people to do their best. That’s how Kubica Corp. operates and achieves. The multidiscipline engineering team works in a highly collaborative environment that challenges them to find solutions. Dennis developed the motto “Strive for Excellence Because People Matter” that defines his company’s outlook. He creates a company-wide expectation to perform at a member’s absolute best, and it is rewarded with a fierce loyalty to the team. Kubica Corp. is about entrepreneurship and moving society forward with every solution while keeping a commitment to continuous improvement.


Strive for Excellence Because People Matter™. It could be just a slogan, but at Kubica, it’s a way of life. We demand excellence. We believe in people. It’s that simple, and we work tirelessly to be certain that our team members understand their importance and that our clients know they are getting the most dedicated problem-solving engineers in the world.

We commit to maximizing client value and satisfaction and we stand behind it. When we say Kubica partners with your business, that means we promise to display integrity, respect and excellence at every turn. You can count on Kubica.

Together we can
change the world