Kubica’s trademarked PhizX software suite revolutionizes automated process control systems at manufacturing and industrial production factories. The dynamic package of products streamlines and maximizes custom-built solutions at the business level and takes clients’ performance and quality to new heights.

Kubica developed the world-class creative technologies to function as a set of tools that can be applied to any infrastructure and find process improvement. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team implements the software using your existing machines and acts as a problem-solver.

The PhizX software gathers and delivers the data managers and chief executives need to make critical decisions that will boost production, guarantee product reliability and increase profits.

There is nothing like PhizX Technologies available in the market and among the solutions the software suite offers are:


Kubica can uniquely identify where each product lies within your manufacturing operation. This is the first building block to help your manufacturing operation achieve maximum performance.


This specific solution allows you to breakdown inventory locations providing tighter resolution of where parts are within your system. Know where each identified product is at any time, on any given day.


How well was the product made? How well does the product flow through the manufacturing sub systems? What costs are associated with the manufacturing processes? Get these questions answered through Kubica’s process tracking solution. Have quality, flow state and financial tracking capabilities at your fingertips.


OFE+ ™ allows you to deliver a more reliable product to your end user, at the right time. Your manufacturing facility can measure the effectiveness of the operation by implementing the OFE+ ™ technology. Understand the relationship between your value stream and bottleneck.


Would you like to use your system’s performance models to simulate future scenarios? Now you can with our simulation technology solution. This technology allows you to have a better understanding of those what if scenarios.


Investing in Kubica’s predictive analytics solution will allow your manufacturing operation to better plan for capacity, analyze costs and project future demands.


Build the right thing at the right time with Kubica’s scheduling software solution. This is the final building block to efficiently schedule products and deliver them to your end user on time.