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Capacity/Throughput Analysis

Prevent underutilization of assets – that forces high operating costs, and overutilization of assets – that forces WIP explosion, by accurately quantifying the system’s capacity/throughput. Identify process bottlenecks and cushion with appropriate buffers to ensure consistent throughput that satisfies customer demand.

Process Planning/Improvements

Shrink operational costs and lead times through more effective manufacturing process that are designed to facilitate optimal interactions between people – process – machine – product.

Simulation and Predictive Analytics

Reduce risk and uncertainty associated with capital investment and capacity planning decisions through simulation studies and predictive analysis of proposed processes and systems.


Ensure high customer satisfaction and trust through end-to-end product traceability. Monitor process conditions, correlating it to product failures, and identify and eliminate the root cause of quality issues.


Achieve high service levels and production linearity by building the right product, at the right time. Prevent local bottlenecks by dynamic scheduling based on system WIP.

Labor Estimation

Improve labor utilization and lower operational expenses by dynamic scheduling of manual operations based on demand and system WIP.

Faults Analysis & Reporting

Increase accuracy of capacity planning by accounting for downtime. Measure the efficacy of maintenance services by monitoring history of faults.

Predictive Maintenance

Initiate timely maintenance and upgrade investments by identifying points of failures in the system, to ensure maximum equipment availability for production.