Are you struggling to
know the TRUE
performance of your

Kubica smashes industry standards that focus on overall equipment effectiveness on an individual machine level and pulls it into the macro ecosystem of how all machines work together.

The world-class solution software measures Overall Factory Effectiveness, an unprecedented view of how clients’ entire production system operates. This allows Kubica’s engineering team to identify and solve problems anywhere on a factory floor.

It provides the biggest return on investment by taking performance data and evaluating where efficiency can be gained and product quality improved.

The software interacts with machines and can incorporate scheduling, part tracking and part traceability during cycles to pinpoint anything that impedes producing the best possible product.

OFE+ is an innovative, custom-built solution. Kubica realizes that every factory is different and creative thinking is necessary to optimize and develop solutions for clients’ specific needs.

Kubica’s team of multi-disciplinary engineers consults with our partners best outcomes in mind and we are committed to maximizing client value and satisfaction. We stand for nothing less because your success is the most important bottom line.

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