Quality System


Phizx Quality Manufacturing Control System

Phizx Quality is a manufacturing quality control system that utilizes statistical process control (SPC) and an artificial intelligence engine to pro-actively control the production line to significantly improve product quality.

Phizx Quality provides a foundation for continuous process improvement by assessing critical product manufacturing quality defect data to connect root cause and effect.  Phizx Quality’s artificial intelligence engine learns from the manufacturing process to automatically correlate critical process and product quality data


Phizx Quality may be the only quality control system that can:

  1. Predict in real-time which products being produced will have defects
  2. Determine optimal operational parameters to increase first pass yield
  3. Visually display product defects

Bottom-Line Benefits of the Phizx Quality System

Improve product quality and reduce product rework and scrap

For further info on using Phizx Quality to monitor product quality and control your manufacturing product line, please contact us at 248-344-7750 or by email at: Phizx@KubicaCorp.com

Phizx Quality Benefits

  • Visualized display of defects
  • Predicts which parts have defects
  • Connects root cause and part defect
  • Alarms non-conforming conditions
  • Provides SPC control charts
  • Provides optimal manufacturing run-time control parameters
  • Maximizes consistency between inspectors
  • Identifies where to spend capital to improve quality

Phizx Quality Case Study

An industry-leading product manufacturer installed Phizx Quality to identify the root cause of product finish quality issues.

Phizx Quality results:

Real-time prediction of defective parts: Red Dots = Defective Parts Green Dots = Good Parts

Visual Defects:
Part defects over 30-days production Parts Defects
Bottom-Line Case Study Results

Phizx Quality provided an advanced understanding of product quality issues

Phizx Quality identified the root causes for the plant’s top 5 paint finish quality issues

Phizx Quality identified a new paint viscosity control setting to significantly increase finish quality and cut product rework & scrap