Custom Software Development

Kubica’s custom software development has evolved out of our collaboration with our clients to solve specific problems. We have been developing software for over 12 years and have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. We use Agile methodologies to create custom applications that are optimized for what the customer actually wants, and through bi-weekly iterations and constant communication, the customer gets exactly what he or she is looking for. The specific solutions we offer through custom software development include:

  • Reporting (SSRS, Webforms)
  • Automation Applications (.Net WebForms/Winforms/WPF/WCF)
  • Data-Retention Software (.Net, Microsoft SQL, OSI-Soft PI, Rockwell Historian)
  • Machine Learning and Optimization (Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector Machines)

We have experience writing applications in: .Net,, MVC, Webforms, Entity Framework, VB6, C/C++, C#, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, WPF, WCF, WinForms and SilverLight. Kubica also has experience integrating with third-party applications such as SAP, Aero Scout, Speedway Revolution RFID readers, OPC, Lightning Pick Technologies, and Rice Scale Weighing systems.

Looking for Information About Our Phizx Software?

Our Phizx software line has been developed out of custom solutions we created to solve our clients’ problems. Visit our Phizx software page to learn more.