Engineering Services

Why use Kubica for your engineering problems? Our dynamic engineering teams are composed of top-notch electrical, software and controls engineers with cutting-edge knowledge of current technology, as well as hands-on panel building experience. As a result, developed solutions are both highly sophisticated and operator-friendly.

We will be adding Mechanical Engineering to our portfolio of disciplines in 2012.

Some specific services we offer include:

  • Systems Integration: Integrate one or more of OEM’s products into a working system. Learn more about Systems Integration.
  • Robotics Integration: Let us help you with your robotics integration challenge! We can take any manufacturer’s robot and integrate it into an innovative system for your facility. Learn more about Robotics Integration.
  • Artificial Intelligence Application: Our software development team is made up of our engineers as well as some of the top PhDs in the AI field. We can develop software that will allow your machines to “learn” and offer solutions to your operators based on the information the product gathers. Learn more about Artificial Intelligence Application.
  • Conveyor Systems & Controls: Our control engineering team members are experienced and passionate about creating the best control solutions for your company. Kubica can provide controls for any type of conveyor system, and our software products can enhance the controls and add value to your systems. Learn more about Conveyor Systems & Controls.
  • Paint System Applications: Kubica specializes in electrostatic and conventional industrial paint finishing systems and processes. We want to help develop a state-of-the-art paint system in your manufacturing facility. As always, our systems are designed for your specific engineering challenges.