Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Leveraging the Strength of Multiple Disciplines

The strength of Kubica’s engineering and manufacturing service offerings lies in the strength of our team. First, we are committed to being experts in each of our primary service areas; then we provide a team environment that leverages that expertise and maximizes the benefits of the intersection that typically occur between the disciplines. As a result, our engineering and manufacturing services all draw knowledge from the other sectors, even though they are listed under a specific discipline.

Engineering Services

Customers typically come to us with a vision or a goal in mind, but don’t see a path to achieving it. These may be as simple as increasing capacity in a manufacturing process, trying fit a new process into limited floor space or trying to solve a complex manufacturing problem. We leverage our extensive shop floor experience and our broad knowledge of technologies in the industry to quickly bring viable solutions to the table. Learn more about our Engineering Services.

Manufacturing Services

Kubica provides controls integration for a wide array of manufacturing systems, including paint application systems, pre-treatment systems, ovens and incinerators, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) and RFID asset tracking systems. We meet with our clients and the OEM to understand their specific needs, custom-design a solution, and then build, deliver and install the system. We also provide support during the warranty period and most importantly, we bring innovation to the solution, providing extra value. Learn more about our Manufacturing Services.