Delivering Better Solutions

Kubica Corporation was founded in 1995 by Dennis Kubica who started the company with the determination to deliver engineering solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. The son of European immigrants who came to the U.S. during WWII and the oldest of four children, Kubica grew up in a poor neighborhood in Detroit and got a job in a machine shop when he was 15 to help support himself. He attended the University of Michigan-Dearborn and received an electrical engineering degree, then worked for several large corporations (including ABB, GM and Motor City Electric) as an engineer, in research and development, and in project management.

Creating a Better Company Structure

In 2009 Dennis Kubica implemented a significant change in how Kubica Corporation was structured. Feeling his unilateral leadership was hindering the growth potential of the company, he formed an executive team consisting of two other trusted team members and himself; the team handles nearly all of the company’s major decisions. He also added team leaders for each of the disciplines in the organization, which serves Kubica Corporation’s goal of keeping its hierarchy as flat as possible. Kubica is always looking for self-motivated individuals to add to the team, as it is part of the company’s commitment to develop engineers into leaders in their field. Find out about Career Opportunities.

Looking Ahead

The vision of Kubica is simple: Produce the best engineering leaders in the world while maintaining a dynamic team environment that promotes constant innovation in the engineering fields. This vision is what supports our number one goal: To provide world-class solutions and service to each of our customers. We want our customers, new and old, to bring us their toughest engineering challenges. Kubica will not just find a solution for your challenge—we will find the solution for your challenge, the one that will set your company apart from the competition, and the one that will give your company the edge it’s been searching for in this increasingly competitive world.

Kubica in the News

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